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Entertainment at Disneyland


Yesterday a friend and I went to watch The Pixarmonic Orchestra in California Adventure because today will be their last day of shows. Although I’ve walked by this band during their performances, I’ve never actually stopped to watch them play their set. Now that they’re leaving I do admit I regret not seeing them before.

As the band played Pixar songs, performed their antics and got me singing along to great songs I began to realize how fun this show was and how sad that the next day would be their last day.

Whenever I visit the park with friends, we always do the main stuff: Ride the mountain attractions, ride the iconic attractions and watch the main entertainment which would be the pyro/projection show, the parade and Fantasmic. As much as I enjoy those things and the park, I will admit it becomes to be a little stale.

Watching the orchestra at the Pixar Promenade felt different. Not just because I had never seen it before but there were small moments that I’m sure never happen at every show. With such a small audience and small stage, the performance felt very lively and fresh.

If you frequent the parks here’s some advice: attend the smaller shows. Big Thunder Mountain will always be there, Fantasmic will be going on at least twice a week.