Disneygram: A Disneyland Blog

An unofficial Disneyland blog created by me for Disneyland enthusiasts. The Instagram account is all-things Disneyland and includes photography, blog postings and a zine.




My passion for the arts extends to multiple mediums including photography, both film and digital. I post both un-edited photos and photos with my own edits.



Online shop that sells artists’ work for them. I’ll make a digital design of something and upload it to my account.


Social Media Accounts

Apart from my website, my social media accounts serve as a second platform to post my different content. Each account has different content from each other.

Twitter contains my personal opinions on current events and pop culture. TikTok is where I post videos of my guinea pigs. Penny Press instagram account is for project-related posts and the like. My Pinterest is where I post my inspirations along with saving important links.