Passive Money Projects


The modern version of mom and pop shops are e-commerce websites. The benefits it’s brought to the masses are, but not limited to less, red-tape from government, no physical real estate to worry about and the ease of passive source of income. By passive source of income I mean a humble profit happening in the background of life. Those skilled enough can create digital art and upload to a website that does the selling for you.

The Noun Project

In my Projects page I have a link to my The Noun Project account where I upload icons I make. The icons aren’t very difficult to make. I’ll design a few, upload them and whenever a user downloads an icon the owner receives a small profit. It’s definitely not enough to make a living but it includes practice, exposure and something to add to a creative portfolio.


A new site a friend has brought to my attention is Redbubble. People can upload original artwork and the company will place the art on merchandise such as cups, notebooks, pillows, etc. and when some buys something, the owner of the artwork receives some of the profit. I uploaded an simple digital art piece today so I’m not to sure on the details but it seems easy enough.


I’ll be continuing my icon design project as i’ve down for a couple years now. I’ll also be adding some artwork to Redbubble and see how that goes too.