Kid’s Toy Camera


Cameras, and photography in general, are a real passionate interest of mine and anything in that field excites me, always. Knowing the history of photography makes me appreciate how far we’ve come in camera technology. Experimenting with photography has become a hobby of mine so when I discovered on social media a kid’s camera I had to order one right away.

Photography History Lesson

When cameras first came about, people had to stand still in front of the camera for about thirty minutes for it to capture the photo. The film used to be glass plates which meant the risk of shattering which could mean losing the photo. Being a photographer back then also meant having to have some knowledge in chemistry since the glass plates had to be treated through chemicals for the photos to appear.

Multiple methods were used before photography became a click of a button, let alone the touch of a screen.


Specifications listed from

Specifications listed from

I found the kid’s camera from Prograce on Amazon for roughly $23. Off the bat I knew the quality wasn’t going to be the absolute best, but three factors caught my interest with this camera: it’s price, size and capabilities.

The camera is about the size of a mint container running at about 2.5” in width and about 2” in height. The camera can take photos, record, play two pre-installed games and playback (show your your memory card’s photos and videos). The camera is strictly point-and-shoot with automatic settings across the board.

This camera can be recharged, which is a huge plus rather than having to buy batteries. The battery lasted me a full day of shooting with only lowering down one out of the three battery marks on the indicator.

Another note worth mentioning is that it takes micro sd cards. It’s a bit more convenient than having the memory built into the camera.

I took the camera to the happiest place on earth to play with and see how far its range can go. Below are the photos taken as-is. In my Duffy gallery you’ll find the photos edited by myself.

Like I mentioned, all the setting are on automatic. For the white balance, which controls the color cast, changes with with whoever light source is stronger in the image. Same for the exposure, it can adjust the exposure when pointed at light or shadowed areas, but cannot properly expose both in one shot.


This camera is fantastic for everything it can do. With capabilities of portability, rechargeable and micro sd use…this camera is definitely worth $23 (the micro sd card is separate). It’s marketed towards kids but it’s a good camera to use for basic shots.

Random Dinosaur Haul

Yesterday’s heat got me out of the house and on an unnecessary shopping spree. I first went down the street to a little Japanese store called Daiso. The frozen yogurt place next door was a treat, as well. After that I took a trip to one of the greatest stores ever, Barnes & Noble. Without realizing it, the shopping’s theme was dinosaurs.

Dinosaur eraser and toy from Daiso.

Dinosaur eraser and toy from Daiso.

Daiso is smaller than your average drugstore but definitely sells a larger variety of things. There’s food, snacks, office supplies, art supplies, household stuff, decorations, plates, etc. They have a section that figure-shaped erasers. And to my surprise, they had dinosaur-in-egg shaped dinosaurs! I won’t be using these erasers but instead add them to my dinosaur collection.

In their toy aisle I found two curious things: a blank puzzle and a dinosaur egg that hatches and grows. The puzzle claimed to be very difficult. Thats because the puzzle, which was about 50 pieces, was white, no picture or markings. I could imagine it was easily the hardest puzzle out there. The second item, however, made it in my basket easily.

Dinosaur book from Barnes & Noble.

Dinosaur book from Barnes & Noble.

After Daiso, and some frozen yogurt, I headed to Barnes & Noble. At the entrance they had a table full of books stickered with “Exceptional Value” and there was a dinosaur book priced at $12.98! It’s one of those encyclopedia-type books that usually go for 40 or 50 dollars. “Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals.” A quick glance at the pages showed it’d be a great collection to the two dinosaur books I already have.

All-in-all, yesterday’s dinosaur haul was a success, and completely unplanned. But those are the best. And it goes to show that both small and big stores can have great finds and great prices.