Dungeons & Dragons and Mass Gains

It’s been over a month since I’ve written something. I wanted to share a bit that’s been going on. Sorry for the casual writing but this post is just to get me back in the groove of writing.

Dungeons and Dragons

A small group of us from work have finally started playing Dungeons and Dragons and it is amazing! I watched a ton of Youtube videos before we even found people to play with and I would get very any about the whole thing. But last week on Aug. 1, four of us met up in my little apartment and took the first steps in beginning our dnd adventure.

We spent the first meeting creating our characters and eating steak nachos. Creating three characters took about five hours but it was time spent with good company and everyone was into it. Today we spent two hours actually beginning the campaign, which is a beginner’s campaign that comes from the official game. It’s a lot of fun and I can’t wait to keep playing more.

Mass Gains

The next new thing in my life is trying to gain weight. And I don’t mean a simple solution like eating more, although that seems to be the biggest part. Because of my high metabolism, I need to intake more calories than my body can burn, and my body can burn a lot very quickly. But I’ve also had to buy protein powder to make shakes and start counting how many calories I’m eating.

Gaining weight for me would be considered a healthy thing. Because I don’t gain weight, my whole life I’ve been carefree in how I eat and take care of my body. But now I’m actively striving to be healthy. I’m making better food choices, I’m eating more frequently. Consequently from eating more I’ve been taking more naps but I’m sure my body will eventually get used to it.


So that’s where I’m at, currently. I’m also resuming my projects. Seeing as I have a lot of spare time on my hands, I have to fill them with something to do.