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Disneygram is an Instagram blog account I started in summer of 2018 to help me document all the magical things I experienced in the parks. I didn’t expect to be so taken by resort’s culture—I’ve met some amazing people, it’s awoken my passion for photography and offers a safe and fun place to hangout.

I continue to post on the account every day different adventures and tips I have and a little over a year later, I still enjoy this place like the first day I visited. I’ve started two projects based around my account and the parks: The Main Street Press Zine and an accompanying blog. I work on this projects on my own time and dime but I don’t mind because I really enjoy doing them. Feel free to scroll down for more insight on the projects.



The Main Street Press Zine


The zines are filled with park tips, brain-teaser puzzles and fun activities to do, all Disney-themed. Up to two issues are released per month. Read full articles from the zine on my blog, download and print the zine yourself or follow and message on Instagram to receive a copy via Disneyland mailboxes. This zine project is entirely free, non-profit, produced on my own time and dime.

Zine Inspiration

The idea for the zine came about while I was in line for Space Mountain. It was about a 45 minute wait, behind my friend and me were two siblings, a boy and a girl, the girl being younger than the boy, the boy being no older than 12. The boy was deeply invested in his phone, his eyes glued to the screen, while the little girl stared at the people around her in absolute and utter boredom. It was heartbreaking; lines are a for sure things in the resort but no one should suffer the pain of boredom in line when there’s someone next to you.

I thought to myself, I’m sure if the little brother didn’t have his phone he’d be speaking to his sister; if only their was some game they could play together without he distraction of technology; I wish I had a Where’s Waldo book so she could keep herself entertained. The longer I pondered on the idea the better it seemed. A week later, I printed a mock-first edition print and handed them to close friends. And that was that.


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