Welcome. My name is Tony and this is my website. I’m a designer, writer, photographer and an overall right-brain thinker. I’m always working on some sort of project and here is where to find them along with my other work.

About. Currently based in Anaheim, CA., I explore local places and draw inspiration from what’s around me. My hobbies include photography, collecting novelties, frequenting Disneyland and experimenting with all kinds of media.





Design & Lifestyle. My interests are expressed in my writing which include the arts, discovering new things, current projects, etc. I hope to inspire other people with my writing to go out and live their lives, try new things and to see how the simple things in life can bring joy.

I don’t have everything planned out and I don’t pretend to when it comes to my lifestyle posts; I’m still learning and I like to share that experience with other. My Minimalist posts are me in my work-in-progress stage of my life—they aren’t absolute.

Quirky things are another one of my interests. I enjoy the little things that get overlooked at stores, playing with novelties or skimming the toy’s isles. Sometime we could all use interesting facts that won’t necessarily help us in life but are fun to read—that’s where my dinosaur-obsession comes in.

Origin. I started my blog a year ago with the intention of writing about the quirky and novelty things life has to offer. Similar to the un-practicalness of a penny press machine, other than the fascination, my blog was to act the same in offering leisure reading content.